Healing With BFST®

Promote blood flow and help the body heal itself...

The concept behind Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ started out very simple: Promote blood flow around the injured area and help the body heal itself. After all, the human body is designed to naturally heal itself and with every injury or disease we get the body has a function to fix the problem. The key is better blood flow circulation throughout the body. With better blood flow the body becomes more efficient at healing injuries and fighting off infections we receive. This natural ability turns our body into the ultimate healing machine! And now with Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™, you will feel better than you ever imagined.

BFST Effect on Blood Flow

Even though the concept of stimulating blood flow is simple, making it happen in the right place is incredibly difficult. Particularly with a soft tissue injury, inflamed or torn tendon, ligament or muscle deep below the surface of the skin. By design, these body parts require your body to move to stimulate blood flow. But the same motions that promote blood flow can also lead to making your injury or condition worse. The real challenge is how do we promote blood flow while the body is at rest? More importantly, how do we stimulate blood deep inside at the injury site and not just at the surface of the skin?

For decades - maybe even centuries - the answer to promoting blood flow was to apply heat to the outside of the body. Heating your skin causes blood to flow to the surface. This is bad! Increased blood flow at the skin washes away the heat and brings moisture to the area protecting the underlying tissue. This is all WRONG! Applying a hot pack to your body to heal deep tissues is about as effective as roasting a 25 lb frozen turkey in a frying pan. Heating the skin just doesn't work. But, if you're in the business of selling frying pans or hot packs, you're going to keep telling that old story because it sells your product, even if it doesn't really work.

BFST® is the Only Effective Solution

Promote blood flow and help the body heal itself...

When an engineer started considering how blood flow works in the body, he quickly saw the problem with the old style heat solution. The outer layer of skin and fat insulates your body core. The outer layers of your body are designed to deal with changes to outside temperature to keep the inside temperature very very consistent. Think about it. If you stand outside in a t-shirt and shorts in the freezing cold or if you wear a long sleeve shirt and pants on a hot summer's day, the temperature at your skin changes hugely. Though your core body temperature probably doesn't change by even 1 degree. This is because your blood flow at your skin changes to regulate the temperature of the tissue below it. As well, the fat between your skin and your inner body works as insulation to further prevent internal temperature change. Our bodies are so good at dealing with changes to outside temperature that people have been living from the arctic to the equator since before we even had proper houses or shelters. If you want to stimulate blood flow beneath the surface of the skin and fat, you can't do it by heating from the outside. Blood Flow has to be Stimulated from within.

With further research into all the available treatment options, we quickly realized that before BFST® we could find NO effective solution for stimulating blood flow. There were lots of gimmicks and ineffective solutions (they're still out there), but nothing that truly worked. So, we set out to research the issue and develop the most effective solution. We have the answer. That solution is called Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ or BFST® for short.

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"BFST treatments are also the #1 choice for professional and amateur athletes worldwide."

The Power of BFST®

Focuses itself deep within your body, stimulating blood flow...

BFST® is the end result of years of effort and several hundreds of thousands of dollars of R&D. And we're not done yet. We continue to invest heavily in this technology and improve our product every year. As long as we think we can improve the technology, we won't stop working on it - and it's already pretty incredible.

BFST® devices work using our proprietary Energy Web®. This proprietary technology is built into several body specific shapes that wrap around your injured joint or limb. The entire surface of the Energy Web® outputs stimulating energy. That energy envelops your body and easily passes right through your skin and fat. The energy focuses itself deep within your body, stimulating blood flow in the underlying tissue - your muscles, tendons and ligaments. This is exactly what you need. And with stimulated blood flow your body gets the oxygen and nutrient rich blood it needs to heal as quickly and completely as possible.

It doesn't end there though. BFST® has evolved to much more than just blood stimulation. Compression can play a significant role in how a wound heals. Properly applied compression can significantly affect the quality of a wound recovery. Proper compression can seriously reduce how much scarring remains after healing. Proper compression can reduce the chances of reinjury during the healing cycle. BFST wraps not only stimulate blood flow, but they also provide compressive therapy specifically designed for each part of the body. With a BFST wrap from newtreatment.com, you can cycle through treatments of blood flow and compression that optimally treat your injury.

Newtreatment Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy Action

All newtreatment.com BFST® wraps include a 3 level power controller to help you select the treatment level that is just right for you. When you use your BFST® device for the first time you will find that initially there is very little sensation from the treatment. Over the course of a few minutes blood flow begins to increase and most people describe a 'tingling' sensation as well as a feeling of warming beneath the skin. As long as the warming sensation remains low to moderate this means the increased blood flow is appropriate. If the warming sensation becomes uncomfortable or hot then the body is not ready for that level of treatment and a lower setting should be used.

BFST® is a very pleasant and relaxing treatment; people enjoy the experience. Early on in the recovery process, patients usually start using the low setting and over the course of several treatments - as their injury heals and blood flow ability through the area continues to increase - a higher setting can be used to promote additional blood flow. In healthy tissue BFST® devices will produce only a moderate warming sensation at the high level although there is still significant blood flow stimulation in the tissue deep below the Energy Web®.

BFST® - It Heals AND Protects

Promotes blood flow to the healing tissue...

It wasn't that long ago that after any type of surgery or medical procedure, 'bed rest' was the direction given by doctors. Modern medicine is now promoting people to get out of bed quickly after a surgery or injury and to promote bodily motion. This is entirely to promote blood flow to the healing tissue. It is universally acknowledged now that increased circulation is a major contributor to rapid and thorough recovery from surgeries or injuries. Motion definitely helps. Gently moving the tissue aids your circulation. When you are recovering from an injury, move the joint, but not so much that it causes pain. Pain is an indication that you are risking further tissue damage. Move carefully and when at rest, keep the blood flow moving using regular treatments of BFST®. This is what professional athletes do. If you want to heal quickly, blood flow stimulation is critical. BFST® promotes circulation.

BFST® doesn't have to be used only to recover from injuries. BFST® devices can be used to prevent injury both before and after strenuous activities. When professional athletes 'warm up' and 'warm down' before and after performing, they do so to stimulate circulation through their body. The same can be achieved using BFST® treatments. Treatments before strenuous activities can actually help you avoid injury during your sport or activity. Strenuous activities can also lead to minor tissue damage that shows itself as sore stiff muscles afterwards. BFST® treatments after strenuous activities keeps the blood flow moving to help the body recover. Maintaining good tissue health is a key factor in avoiding future injury. If you have recurrent injuries or ailments, regular BFST® treatments can help prevent those muscle tears, tendonitis, and ligament injuries from recurring.

"Orthopedic Back Surgeons recommend BFST products to help increase healing before and after back surgery."
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