Nothing Comes Close to a ColdCure® Back Wrap


There's no debating that a ColdCure® ice pack for backs is the ultimate in cold back wraps. You can't even compare it to a bag of ice in a towel or one of those bags of "blue gooo". A ColdCure® back ice wrap is an engineered medical device that has been 100% designed to excel in every way. The fit, the cold capacity, the compression factor, the cold transfer ability... all of these items and then some have been engineered over and over to their maxium potential. If your goal is to treat your back pain and swelling with cold therapy, ColdCure® is far and away the best option you can find.

Tons and Tons and Tons of Cold

Here's a ColdCure® tip the makers didn't tell you until now...

The makers of ColdCure® back wraps started out saying that storing packs in the Freezer is bad and that storing them in the Fridge is good. This was true and it was a very smart improvement because the old style "blue gooo" gel packs you find in your local pharmacy start out too cold and get warm too quickly. The newest formula of ColdCure® gel packs use something called "RigiGel XC"®. RigiGel XC packs are designed to be charged in the freezer. When you use them, the gel goes to 0C (32F) and then stays at that temperature for a long time. This is the coldest you can get and still be safe for use on the skin. And ColdCure gel packs can maintain that temperature for 30 minutes or more! RigiGel XC offers the latest advancement in ColdCure technology. Compared to other gel packs, RigiGel XC from a freezer holds tons and tons of cold.

RigiGel® Keeps The Cold In Place

Where ever you need it...

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ColdCure compression back wraps refer to RigiGel® technology. But what is RigiGel? RigiGel is a specially formulated non-migrating gel that is soft to the touch but doesn't flow under pressure. It's not a solid and it's not a liquid either. It's not gooo that you can squish around. It's soft to squeeze, but no matter how hard or how long you press on it, it won't loose its shape or flow out of place. Traditional gel packs are squishy. RigiGel is not. RigiGel is soft yet firm. It stays in place

Why is this important? RigiGel® means that the cold stays in place over the area you are treating when pressure is applied and does not flow away to other parts of the wrap. This is very important. You want to keep pressure and cold on the affected area of your back. Cold alone is not nearly as good as cold plus pressure combined. And when under pressure, you want the gel pack to be soft and comfortable because that area you're treating hurts!

With our specially formulated, non-migrating, soft RigiGel®, you get it all. RigiGel® stays in place even under heavy pressure for long periods of time. It works so well that you can lie on it for hours and hours for days and days and it never looses its shape. It fits perfectly to the shape of your back and stays there. Regular ice packs won't do that. When wearing the ColdCure® back wraps, you get comfortable back support and pain relief, so you can return to your normal routine. Whether you're behind the desk or on the move, you can be sure your ColdCure® back wrap will stay in place. A ColdCure compression ice wrap gives your back a big, continuous, cold, pain sucking hug. And isn't that what you're looking for?

"Orthopedic Back Surgeons recommend ColdCure products to help contain swelling and pain both before and after back surgery."
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Tons of RigiGel® Makes Tons of Difference

But make sure you apply enough gel to make the difference...

The right formula is important, but you also have to have enough gel to do the job properly. This is a constant failure with all the other ice packs and cold wraps designed for the back. Almost every other gel pack manufacturer limits the amount of gel in their wraps because gel is heavy and shipping heavy things is expensive. So the market is full of attractive cold wraps with just a little bit of gel (hardly enough to cover the whole area of the back). And a little bit of gel is not going to help you. You want tons of gel. You want tons of RigiGel® You want to relieve the pain in your back.

Every ColdCure wrap come with 3 big packs of RigiGel (specifically designed to cover a larger area of the back) in each box. You use them one at a time in the wrap so while one is in use, you have 2 more charging. The back wrap comes with 3 gel ice packs that weigh about 4lbs (2 kgs) and that's just the gel packs alone. Most other ice packs on the market weigh less than 1 lb including the wrap and all the gel. In many cases ColdCure wraps contain many times the amount of gel of other wraps. And pound for pound, RigiGel has more cold capacity than typical gel packs. The difference is significant. The value of a ColdCure back wrap is clear.

Ice Burns but Cold Cures.

The original RigiGel formula is still right with RigiGel XC...

RICE is bad. RCCE is good.

For the last 3 years, RigiGel has offered an improvement over traditional Ice Packs by offering a gel pack so good you can use it from a fridge instead of a freezer. The New RigiGel XC can be safely used from a freezer, but that still doesn't change the importance of the Ice versus Cold warning.

Healthcare workers, athletes and physical therapists were traditionally trained that RICE was the formula to follow immediately following a soft tissue injury. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

The truth is that ice is too cold to be the best method for treating pain from soft tissue injuries. The proper solution is RCCE® - Rest, Cold, Compression, and Elevation.. We don't want to apply ice, we want to apply cold that is NOT below freezing. Yes, you want cold - and lots of it - but not so cold that it is below the freezing point of water and body tissue. The problem with ice (and other freezer based substitutes such as the modern day ice pack) is that it can freeze the skin causing 'cold burns'. Ice is even more dangerous if you use it enough that it numbs the nerves and you don't feel the permanent damage that you are doing to the underlying tissue.

Ice pack injuries are so common, there are actually law firms that specialize in representing people who suffer ice therapy injuries. Don't let that happen to you! With ColdCure® pack wraps you are completely safe. You will get the relief from pain and swelling that you need.

Die hard cold lovers would still put traditional ColdCure® packs in the freezer. Even at the coldest freezer temperature they retain all their flexibility and cold capacity. In terms of flex and form they feel exactly the same at 100 degrees as they do at -20 degrees. The new RigiGel XC packs are designed for freezer charging and this gives them the maximum cold capacity and they still operate at a safe temperature. In many cases that may be more cold than you need. Many people choose to put 2 packs in the fridge and 1 in the freezer. When they first put on the wrap they use the freezer gel pack. This gives a maximum cold dose for bringing down even the most severe pain and swelling. After that though, gel packs out of the fridge are ususally adequate to maintain the pain relief at a comfortable temperature level for extended treatment periods. Ultimately the choice is yours, pick the amount of cold that's right for you.

Compression is Important for Maximum Relief

Compression + Cold has a multiplying effect...

Whether its RCCE or RICE, you can't forget the compression. Firm, even compression over the entire painful area makes a very significant difference in how effective cold therapy can be. Every ColdCure® back wrap is made entirely from elasticized materials, from the wrap to the trim to the thread and of course the gel. Every part of the wrap stretches and bends to wrap around your sore back applying uniform pressure over the entire painful area. The gel pack, which is specially shaped to fit around your back, bends and moves to fill the gaps and wrap your back in a uniform, pain sucking, cold embrace. The compression is perfect and there are no gaps in pressure and no lump pushing into your back. The fit is always perfect. To be as effective as possible, the compression needs to be uniform and complete. ColdCure® back ice packs provide exactly that.

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"ColdCure treatments are also the #1 choice for professional and amateur athletes worldwide"
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